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Gold Mozart Bust Piggy Bank - Odd MoFo

Gold Mozart Bust Piggy Bank


Many things are known about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but perhaps the "oddest" is his love of humor of the scatological type.  His knack for prose can be no more appreciated than in this letter written to his cousin in 1777:

"Well, I wish you good night
But first shit in your bed and make it burst.
Sleep soundly, my love
Into your mouth your arse you'll shove."

Pure beauty!  Clearly Mozart would fit right in to the Odd Mofo circle!  It's nice to know that no matter how much of a genius you are, poop is always funny.  This bust has been converted by the previous owner into a piggy bank.  It stands about 11" tall and would quite regal on your mantel, we'll keep his penchant for dookie humor our little secret.

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